Wednesday, 25 March 2015


All are familiar with the celebrated epitaph of Sir Christopher Wren in St. Paul's: "Si monumentum requiris circumspice" and many remember its satirical application to a famous physician.

Surely, almost the same epitaph would fit the case of Mr. MASSEY: "Si monumentum requiris Prospe." If you wish to hear and see what our Artist was, look on " through the following pages.

His fine private character is too well known to need reference ; but as a skilful and humorous delineator of the harmless but amusing peculiarities of his associates in the hunting field, the present publication may perhaps throw a more or less new light, and as his drawings will carry forward the memory of his friends, in the same degree will they serve to perpetuate his own; so to all we repeat Si monumentum requiris Prospice."

Just look on through these pages - and see in them the insight and observation of a true artist, the spirit of a sportsman, and the kindly feeling of a generous friend.

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