Sunday, 3 May 2015


This Plate seems to me to be one of the happiest inspirations in the Album.
Mr. Littledale was a warm and active friend of foxes and hunting, and
to represent him as viewing away TWO foxes from one of his own gorses, with hand uplifted to enjoin silence, and with so pleased an expression on his kindly face, is an idea worthy of all admiration.

I believe on more than one occasion he purchased a farm just because it had
a good covert on it, and he has actually been known, after his dinner, to turn out again on a winter's night, in order to see for himself that there had been no foul play towards a fox run to ground that day on his property. Show me anyone capable of so active goodwill in these days, and I will take off my hat to him in all honour and respect! Happily for Cheshire he has left in his son a worthy representative of his name and fame. 

Fortes creantur fortibus et bonis," &c.

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