Thursday, 18 June 2015


May the Editor intervene for a moment to offer his humble apologies to both these worthies, for the liberty taken with familiar names and sobriquets? 

Captain PEARSON, after serving his Queen in more than one Cavalry regiment, as well as in the Volunteers, finally settled down in his native town of Macclesfield as a silk manufacturer, where his hospitality and bonhomie became proverbial. 

The story of the picture is this: Sam Pearson was doing a deal" with Mr. COOKE for his horse - but he entered the preliminary objection, that the horse was too slow for him. Now Sam rode an honest sixteen stone, which he entrusted to the care of great weight-carrying animals, of whom all he asked was, that they should amble along through a run at the rate of six miles an hour, and lob through the gaps as they lay in his way. "Too slow! " retorts Bill, "he is not so slow as yours;" - hence, at the instigation of a bystander, sprang the sporting match here given, the said match being thus made a contest, not of speed, but its absence, Please admire the earnest and determined expression on the benevolent face of one, and the humorous triumph in the backward glance of the other. 

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